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Guro/Sifu/Coach Billy Brown delivers step-by-step instruction and explanation of the theory and development of the Progressive Martial Arts Training Systems curriculum.


Training video categories will include but are not limited to, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat, Stick, Knife, Handgun, Control Tactics, MMA, Mixed Striking, Submission Wrestling, Classroom and Camp Footage, Dirty Boxing, Tar Tactics and much more.


Guro also explains in detail various sport training like tie-ups, take-downs and transitions. All of the training is delivered in 1080p high-definition (HD) video.


We will also have many guest instructors teaching a variety of topics.


Your library of Progressive techniques, Skill Sets and Training Methods is available anytime from anywhere you have access to the Internet.


If you have a laptop, set it on the mat and watch a technique then practice it. Watch, practice and watch some more. You can learn at your own pace and review the instruction as many times as you need to perfect each technique and skill set.


Guro's detailed explanation of his training systems and methods guarantees you will be able to execute everything you learn.


About Sifu/ Guro/ Coach Billy Brown


Guro Billy Brown has been involved in the Martial Arts for most of his life, starting with his father at the very young age of 3.


Having since trained in and researched many different styles and systems, he was teaching at the young age of 14 and was teaching professionally by age 16.


In 2000 he founded Progressive Martial Arts Training Systems. He is also the founder of the Renown Counter Assault Tactics Program, which is dedicated to training Civilians, Women Only, Business Professionals and Law Enforcement officers in realistic and effective personal protection skills.


This has led many law enforcement and military units to his door as well as presented him the opportunity to work many Bouncer/Security details for people like Brooks and Dunn and George Jones.


His Woman's Counter Assault Tactics Program is known throughout the U.S. as being the most effective, yet easy to learn course available to date. And his Stand On Violence Against Women Is Legendary.


Seeing the weaknesses of the current self defense courses and schools for both civilians and tactical professionals, he sought to form another unique organization that was highly innovative and just ahead of the curve. So, in 2009, Defend USA was born!


He did not stop there! In 2011, after rehabing himself from a severe injury where his doctors said he would never walk again, he formed a amazing and unique workout program which was initially designed to get himself back in shape! His amazing 9 month trasfermation got the attention of the community and that was the birth of PRO-FIT! Now with 60 clients and rising PRO-FIT is revolutionizing the way people look at Personal Training.


And in 2014, after becoming known worldwide through his youtube video postings, and after receiving countless messages from people around the world, he was led into forming PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTIONS. A one stop online shop so to speak, where anyone could receive the best, most innovative Martial Arts training availiable, all in one place and all online!


Always the true Multi - Art practitioner and known as the "Instructor of Many Variables" and equipped with such a fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and energy filled teaching style; Guro Billy Brown is always in a high demand for Seminars and Workshops all over the U.S and as of this year, the world.


Guro Brown's teaching experience is vast and he has trained everyone from everyday men, women and children in our communities to  Law Enforcement and Special Ops Military men to Master Ranking Martial Artist.


He Holds Many Instructorships including the Rank Of GURO under Sr. Guro Ron Goin of the P.U.M.A. System and the Rank of Level 3 Instructor Under World Renowned Combatives Instructor Hock HockHeim.


Furthermore, he has trained with and spent considerable time with some of the most noted Instructors and Masters in the world; Master Brad Whitlow, Guro Ron Goin, the late Master Joe Lewis, Guro Rick Tucci, Guro Hock Hockheim, Coach Erik Paulson and the Legendary Guro Dan Inosanto just to name a few.


His goal and mission is changing lives and "Empowering Others", not only through the research and training of the Martial Arts, but also by belief in the Creator as he stresses to his students that they should not only perfect their Martial Arts skills, but that their character and conduct should constantly be perfected also.


"We must always strive for Never-Ending Improvement in every area of our lives and in everything that we set out to accomplish. Always keeping a critical eye on ourselves. Always giving thanks to GOD for each new day!" ~ Billy Brown

A Candid Interview with Guro Billy Brown

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