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As a courtesy to the many loyal online viewers and students we have around the world, each NEW video series we produce, we will give you all the chance to pre-order that series at a discounted cost. Once the video series is out of production and off of the edited room floor, those that pre-ordered will be the first to recieve the password to access and view.

* Please note, we do not hire people to film or edit our videos. Guro Brown spends weeks and even months editing these videos himself and that's after sometimes many months of filming. He does this while also running two other businesses including a full time martial arts academy.

Every step of this process is done completely in-house.

With that said, PRODUCTION TIMES WILL VARY! It is impossible to pick an exact date for a project as intricate as this to reach completion. So please be patient and remeber that we promise to get the material out to you all as fast as possible but also done RIGHT and professional with Guro Brown's highest standards in mind.

* There will be NO refunds on any PRE-ORDERED Videos for those few that may not understand what we stated above.

We thank you all! So many of you out there around the world who support Progressive Productions and the teachings of Guro Billy Brown!


As Guro Brown says, "Keep moving Forward!"

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