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Testimonials What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

"Hello Guro Brown
I have recently purchased your metal to meat program and i must say, I am nothing but thoroughly impressed with the structure, content and no-nonsense practical approach you displayed, showcased and explained in a virtually eloquent yet concise and pinpoint way, that is comprehensive for the beginner or layman as well as to the veteran experts from other martial arts, cross training with knives.
This program is not another "how to do 99 variations of the same cut n' slash drills", but it is indeed a full fledged course from white to black belt, that takes the viewer from the basic stances and grips to virtually every single step towards expert knife handler, by giving not only practical examples of the best case scenario but also explains the dos and don'ts of every move and the variables that one has to take into account, and why and what will go wrong if...while being delivered in sections that deal appropriately with each threat and level, that makes it easy to follow, easy to practice and comes with an entire truck load of information in bite sized chunks that have the feel of a real time private session instead of watching a dvd. 
Guro Brown, you take the viewer from basic knife to knife action and unarmed vs knife, to how to deploy ones blade in a confrontation, sustain oneself unarmed vs a blade long enough to get out alive and much more. This is an in-depth study of the basics and intricacies of knife combat and in my opinion, every other knife program could be pulled from the market, because THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I 'LL EVER NEED! 
Guro Brown, your "metal to meat" program is hands down the single best knife instruction I have seen in 28 years in the martial arts. You cut indeed no corners and it is not just a tagline-but this is absolutely the most dynamic and effective knife combat program there is. Highly recommended for anyone looking for mastering the knife and protect him/herself from a knife wielding maniac." 
Thank you for this master piece of realistic knife instruction! 
Best regards, 
Wilhelm Stockinger, 
Instructor Krav Maga / Walo Baston Eskrima 
Amsterdam Netherlands
"As a life-long martial artist with over 50 years of training and experience, as well as having a 30 year law enforcement career, I want to endorse Guro Billy Brown’s “Dirty Boxing” 3 part series with my highest recommendation. None of us can stop and sit on our laurels when it comes to fighting and learning new techniques and principles. Those who do grow stagnant and compensate with stories about “when I was young, I could…”! Instead, we have to grow and flourish as living martial artists. 
My biggest transition came in 1980 when I found myself, a skilled high ranking competition karate competitor, on my back in an alley with a 250 pound crazy man on top of me trying to shoot me in the chest with my own revolver. I survived and won the struggle, but I learned that there is a big difference between competition fighting and fighting for your life. I made the transition and changed how I trained. I wish that I had been able to train with Guro Brown back in those days so he could have guided me through that transition. 
In short, his material is effective in a real fight. Guro Brown is a great instructor, and shows the student how to use many different and street effective entries, attacks, and devastating follow-ups. His skills in assessing distance, creating fighting space, and getting to destructive shots are amazing. You’ll learn how to use head butts, elbows, hurt the limbs of the opponent, as well as the split series, “steering wheel” series, jamming, and some superb Dumog takedowns and ground attacks. All of this is trained using some very unique and effective focus mitt drills, so that you can use full power attacks without seriously damaging your sparring partner. 
With some serious work, these techniques can be yours and the will integrate very well with your existing style. Based upon the eclectic mix of boxing, Panuntukan, JKD, and many other arts, Guro Brown’s seamless integration of what works in a real fight is the best that I have seen. I can’t wait to get this stuff out on the mat in my gym! 
My highest respect and thanks go to Guro Billy Brown, a true teacher and experienced fighter who is willing to share his skills and insight with this video program.
John Duncan
Instructor and Founder
Viper Combatives
"As a self-defense/ combative instructor often times I am asked to do short one or two hour clinics for organizations or groups and given this short period of time it is necessary that the participants learn techniques that are easily executed under duress by individuals of all ages, gender, and ability levels. 
After experiencing Guro Brown’s Fight Stoppers Program, I can say without a doubt that techniques and the systemic approach that Guro Brown uses to teach those techniques not only equips a person to not only survive, but thrive under those worst-case conditions. 
The techniques within this program are designed so that a person can preemptive in their counterattack or in that ambush attack they can quickly neutralize the threat. By using strategies such as fencing and indexing, Brown demonstrate how to control the distance, the attacker’s body and simultaneously short-circuit their thought process by delivering a multitude of strikes to soft target areas such as the eyes, nose, throat, inside of thigh, groin and abdominal area . 
The Fight Stopper Program is an excellent resource for either an instructor wanting a stand-alone or to enhance an existing program or the individual who is serious about learning street-proven and fight-ending techniques." 
Thomas Russo
Head Instructor Reality Krav Maga
"Hands down Guro Billy Brown is one of my go to guys when it comes to expand my teachings. His new videos are a great supplement for those who are serious on providing more of a full rounded or a different view to their self defense program. Thank you Guro Brown."
~ Frazz Azab 
(Chief Instructor, Warrior's Academy, KC)



"Guro Billy Brown,

After watching your Maglahok Kali online training video series, I found myself completely humbled and to a certain extent overwhelmed and in shock.

The huge capacity of knowledge and experience, not only in the practical and theoretical sense, but also in the warrior philosophy and mind set teachings, that are woven through out the training video, are truly astonishing and extremely impressive.

This is a well compiled body of work and it will keep me busy for the rest of my life.

Guro Billy Brown you are the real deal.

This is a great investment.

Thank you,

John Kantides

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