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1) Click The ORDER NOW Button attached to the VIDEO(s) you would like to purchase.


2) Order Safely via Stripe, Cash app or Venmo


3) Once Payment Is Received, you will be sent a confirmation message that includes the password(s) to unlock and gain access to your video(s). Click the GET ACCESS NOW BUTTON to watch your video(s)

**This could take up to 5 hours depending on time of day and where you are ordering from but is usually sent within just a few minutes.


4) Fill out form if you would like telling us your name and video(s) order. This may insure that your order gets processed quicker.


5) FOLLOW PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTIONS On FACEBOOK To have direct contact to us anytime and to always be updated on NEW Video series as well as current specials!



The video(s) are yours to keep forever.


Once Passwords Are Sent Out, There Will Be No Refunds.

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